Still at Large, Frank Stewart
"The new poems are moving and so imbued with mortality. I was especially touched by the intensely personal ones, though they all have Pat Matsueda’s vocal signature."
            Arthur Sze, author of Sight Lines

Brilliant, shimmering with beauty and sorrow, Bitter Angels speaks to us from the intersection of the incarnate world and the transcendent. Suffering, both private and historical, weaves its legacy of pain, trans­formed here into the luminous, the healing, through the alchemy of Matsueda's exceptional, radiant poetry.
            Lillian Howan, author of The Charm Buyers

Still at Large
By Frank Stewart


Published: El León
Jan. 25, 2022

Still at Large chronicles the voices of ordinary people who encounter first hand the mysteries of war, suffering, and courage. Concise yet lyrical, these poems reveal epiphanies about human nature that only individuals who experience terrifying realities are able to disclose. Nonetheless, they are relentlessly bound together by a haunting, unsentimental simplicity, transcending the nightmares of the human condition.

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