The Way it Went, Ben Schwartz

Critical Praise

"Plainspoken, cleareyed, and forthright—like the characters who inhabit it—The Way It Went is a loving multi-generational chronicle that makes an unexceptional family into something exceptional. And more, it is a paean to a seemingly lost place and time: the plains and rolling farmsteads and small towns of a great rural world, the iconic twentieth-century American Midwest."
—Joseph Matthews, author of The Blast

"Ben Schwartz’s The Way It Went is as wide and deep as life: a beautiful depiction of the many forms of love and sorrow that a lifetime can contain. This is a heart-expanding novel."
—Shawna Yang Ryan, author of Water Ghosts and Green Island

The Way It Went
By Ben Schwartz


Published: Manoa Books/El León
October 2023
Author's Webpage: Fiction